Friday, November 8, 2013

Artist Portrait - Dominika

DominikaZakova_meandm_KatarinaKri15 DominikaZakova_meandm_KatarinaKri09 DominikaZakova_meandm_KatarinaKri23

Dominika is the perfect combination of talent and beauty,
plus she has the kind of personality that is always a treat to have around
- she is so positive, always smiling, as you can see - she just couldn't help it during the shoot,
 and she's always like this.

 These are from our visit in her studio earlier this summer when we were picking paintings
for the Festive collection lookbook with me&m.
I can't wait to own her paintings (yes, plural, trust me, you can't just pick one).

  DominikaZakova_meandm_KatarinaKri21 DominikaZakova_meandm_KatarinaKri10DominikaZakova_meandm_KatarinaKri19 DominikaZakova_meandm_KatarinaKri17 DominikaZakova_meandm_KatarinaKri06

 Photography: Katarína Križanovičová
Paintings: Dominka Žáková
 Clothes/Styling: Paulina Vinter / me&m clothing